KODICE,是设计师KIKI的名字和意大利语CODICE密码的结合,KODICE的设计打破了饰品和时装的界限,造就独特的设计理念-wearable accessory将饰品穿上身。

KODICE, is a combination of the designer’s initial, Kiki’s K and Italian word codice, meaning secret and password. Kiki breaks the boundary between accessories and clothes. This is the unique design concept of KODICE: wearable accessory.


KIKI WU,加拿大华裔高级女装设计师。出生于时尚之家,儿时便表现出了对时装的敏感和对装扮的天分。就读于加拿大昆士兰大学服装设计(Fashion Design)专业,同时修习服装营销(Fashion Marketing),并以优异成绩毕业。 

KIKI WU在加拿大当地的时装公司工作一段时间之后,又进入位于世界时尚中心的意大利米兰著名的马兰奥尼时装学院(Marangoni Institute),学习奢侈品管理。

KIKI WU醉心于时装设计,更对饰品设计十分着迷,也是一个饰品收藏家。她迷恋饰品对细节巧妙处理以及对创意的极致追求,并一直试图将饰品设计手法和理念融入时装设计。离开马兰奥尼时装学院(Marangoni Institute)之后,KIKI WU进入意大利米兰著名的设计公司“ITALIAN LAB”工作。 

这是一间为全球顶级品牌服务的时装设计和流行趋势发布机构。在此期间,KIKI WU负责一部分国际流行趋势的研究。她关于2011-12年秋冬国际饰品流行元素,时装款式面料趋势的研究报告和设计方案,得到了资深设计师和流行趋势专家IOANNIS VIONNIS的认可,并被米兰多家高端品牌公司采用。她又与这些品牌的设计师协同工作,将结合趋势的时装和饰品推向市场。市场的成功显示出KIKI WU对于流行趋势的敏感性和准确的把握。

Kiki Wu, is a Canadian-Chinese fashion designer. Born in China and brought up in Canada, in a fashion based family. Kiki’s mother is also a prominent fashion designer. As a young girl Kiki’s talent in design was obvious. Later in her life she went to Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Richmond B.C. There she studied fashion design and fashion marketing. Kiki graduated with 2 bachelor degrees. After graduating she went to work in a local fashion company fulfilling the position of designer. Kiki’s education was further upgraded when she went to study in Milan. Enrolling into the prestigious Marangoni Institute in Milan Italy, Kiki studied luxury brand management.

Kiki Wu being a fashion designer also finds beauty and creativeness in fashion accessories. She designs and collects many top designs. She is interested in the details and fine quality of accessories. One of her passions is to combine fashion and accessories together. Upon her graduation from Marangoni Institute, Kiki worked in a famous brand management and trend releasing company by the name of ITALIAN LAB. ITALIAN LAB is located in Milan Italy. Kiki worked on fashion design and trend releasing. Her first project for the 2011-12 A/W was well recognized by Iaonnis Vionnis, chairman of the company. The result of her work was used by several brands in Europe and her talent was put up on the world stage of fashion.

Kiki honed in on her skills and passion in design. Her designs were well received in the market place. Young people started following her designs and suggestions as her fashion pieces grew in popularity. One year later Kiki Wu finished her work at ITALIAN LAB and ventured into business for herself. That was when the birth of KODICE took place in the 2013 A/W season.